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Experience The True You With “YOGA STAYCATION”

April 14, 2018

Health and fitness have become the priority for the new generation as well as the old. The belief and the awareness of remaining fit and calm have made the current generation turn to yoga. Yoga has become the preferred method to remain calm and maintain health.

Yoga tourism is one sector which is gaining greater recognition and importance in the society. A “Yoga Tourism” branch has been linked to tourism sector of India. The increasing and rejuvenated demand for yoga classes and the awareness regarding  “YOGA ” its practice and the gains of practicing yoga across the globe has made the Gujarat Tourism to take up an initiative to share the knowledge of this new branch under much renowned Skill and Development program in conjunction with the tourism training institutes.

CORAL Education academy, one of the recognized tourism training institutes organized a ten day program on yoga tourism at Lakulish Yog University. The unit head Mr. Ratnadeep Padmanabh, Senior Manager Mr Aanal Dabhi, Director of the academy Deepshikha Singhania were the chief instructors for the course who have experience spanning 20 to25 years. The participants were mesmerized by the experience and knowledge base of the instructors on their personal tour to unexplored destination points, camping trips, river rafting, bungee jumping, parachuting, ballooning, wildlife photography sessions, forest walking camp and many more exciting adventures.

This is a course specially designed and scripted for the yoga teachers who can elevate their skills by grooming themselves as a tourist guide and can seek the opportunity to enhance their career in the field of “Yoga Tourism”. The main objective is to educate the yoga teachers about the aspect of tourism which they can include in their profession. The two different professions of tourism and yoga together can lead to a new branch of tourism that is Yoga Tourism which will attract the travelers and tourists with higher ease.

The Yoga masters can teach yoga during morning time, which is apt time for doing yoga rest of the day can be utilized for other work / activities / purposes. And one of it can be to work as Tourist guide. These two professions are like, which can work out as an excellent combination. It will help the visitors to enjoy their tour and have a memorable stay.

One should have a better knowhow of the business etiquettes to continue and manage two professions at a time. The person requires leadership skills, correct yoga practices sessions, improve geographical knowledge, develop team management skills, develop ZEN mindset, improve communication skills, better know how of the  historical knowledge to develop and excel in the profession. This Yoga Tourism course will provide all the required skills to improve the professional ethics.

One can arrange for yoga road trips, conduct yoga camps and yoga staycation and even organize a yoga dinner party for the travelers which can increase the enthusiasm among travelers. The yoga retreats and resorts are gaining increased demand as people are in search to attain peace of mind and relaxation while traveling . This makes them select the resorts and hotels consisting of natural beauty sites or spots and a place which provides them facilities like yoga, panchkarma, spa and other activities. The major reason behind such selection of trips is to make the tourist fill with enlightenment and full of positive energy by the end of trip.

Yoga tourism is growing in demand each day at the international stage. People are opting for yoga tour and trips where they can travel to an eco-friendly country which is rich in natural and scenic beauty.

A schedule is prepared and assigned to the travelers regarding the waking and sleeping time. Each and every tourist gets his customized schedule under the guidance of a certified practitioner. As the day progresses the energy levels of the individual increases and makes them more calm, composed and refreshed. Being a yoga teacher, I strongly believe and suggest everyone to choose the yoga staycation and enlighten your life. Another trending practice is the “Yogamoon”, which is also a resourceful and highly regarded yoga program.

“Wanderlust Festival” is an international way of yoga tourism, which is gaining popularity across the world. Visit for further details regarding wanderlust festival and you will definitely have the urge to go for it. Music, dance programs, yoga and meditation sessions, nature enjoyment, Games, Fun all these activities will help you reach the pinnacle of the world.

As a personal experience during the yoga tourism course sessions one day we went for a “Heritage Walk” and myself and all the yoga teachers did various yoga poses at one of the most beautiful heritage place. The relief, calm and all the incredible experiences we all had, there are no words to explain such memorable moments.

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Move on enjoy “Yoga Tourism”.