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The Happy Street – Oodles of Food and Fun

June 2, 2020

The Happy Street has a well-designed street-scape with a committed lot for food outlets, paid parking facilities, and open spaces for strolling and cycling. The pavement likewise has plentiful street furniture for customers to sit and unwind. The street has held the old and existing trees on the stretch and furthermore included increasingly green shelter along the stretch.

The road additionally mirrors Ahmedabad’s UNSECO world heritage city status in its structure. It has an entire fix of heritage walls which are built using Jaipur rocks giving a vibe of the old city of Ahmedabad and its much acclaimed Darwajas. The walls display art with energizing spray paintings and graffiti.

It’s a street in the city’s elite area. It’s an extraordinary spot that can change any evening into a time of merriment. Individuals from different age gatherings can come up to sing, move, work out, draw, play, and do whatever they feel doing joyfully. Inside this quick-paced life, this upbeat street offers everyone a chance to interface with one another as an unassuming network.

This street has committed stopping spaces and a cycle track on one side of it. There are openings for 42 food vans to work from night to daybreak, over a 300-meter stretch.

Law Garden has always been a first choice for the morning activities. We can see the children and even the seniors riding the bikes and meandering around with skates. Even pet lovers meander around with their mutts going for a stroll with their family. In the mornings of weekends and holiday times, they play exemplary games with balls, do skating and make drawings, and so forth. At this place, the seniors feel like revisiting their days of youth. It’s a fashion district in the city. We can see the appeal of newness and satisfaction with each other’s appearances. You will locate the positive and cheerful vibes noticeable all around. It’s a street loaded with joy indeed! Law Garden is renowned for its workmanship things sold by nearby individuals. What’s more?

A large proportion of the Amdavadis are enthusiastic food lovers and their affection for road-side food is world-famous. The road-side food joints are the places where commoners and the elite queue up to get the same food, and amazingly, we will find no discrimination, nor any special treatment for the elite by the food vendor.

An interesting history can be written about the development of the road-side food business in the city. Colleges, parks, and tourist places were the spots from where it had started, and Law Garden had a special mention among all of them. It had a touch of beauty in many ways.

Eventually, it had been started to be recognized as KhauGali (the street for the foodies), which was recently developed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
We can enjoy the place and appreciate scrumptious snacks at various food vans, the trending tradition for street food vending.

Khau Galli, as the name recommends, is a center point of diners situated adjacent to the garden. Eat however much you might want – delicate Dhoklas, Chaat-papdis, Pav-bhaji, Dabelis, Gotas, Italian-Chinese-South Indian joys, and some more. The smaller than usual Aloo Samosas and Dal-Wadas that are sold by the little lorries lining toward the end of KhauGali.

It’s not just an eating place. The world-famous road-side Law Garden fashion market is adjacent to this very street. It’s a place thriving with the expression of the common people in an elite area of the fifth largest city of India. It’s a place that treats every visitor equally. Love for food is the only thing which rules here.

Do come here and enjoy the taste of the city. Whatever your choice is, whatever the style of dishes you like, they are available here. There is a reason why it is called the Happy Street. We just have to put our foot on this street and we will know that. It is a stand-out spot and we feel that each city in India should have – a street that is loaded with fun and vibrance, brimming with happy food loving individuals.

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