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Law Garden – the real local shopping experience

May 18, 2020

Markets like Law Garden never disappoints you. So, make a shopping list and explore the market and unravel all the hidden gems in the market.

The Law Garden has been developed as an attractive destination to view, enjoy, and purchase the grand vibrant, precious, and authentic offerings of the city. Providing various styles with a hint of modern touch and fashion to traditional works as per the demand from contemporary society this place has rich ethnic fashion sensibilities of the Gujarati community. Apart from the embroidered wall hangings, costume jewelry, the main highlight is the Chaniya Choli that is worn during the Navaratri dance festival.

By day, this area is famous for a law college and Law Garden. Later in the evening, the wall adjacent to the law garden transmogrifies into a busy marketplace. It is believed that some opulent families had settled down in this area a few decades back and the area around the garden was barely used back then. Utilising the right set of circumstances, purveyors from other areas moved in here to set up their temporary shops. History apart, the most prominent factor that sets apart the Law Garden market is its sole cynosure on selling traditional apparel made by artisans such as local weavers and quilters from all over Gujarat. This is not just a market for tourists who visit Gujarat, it is a handicraft hub to which even the locals flock frequently to purchase unique pieces of traditional items. Certain design segments such as Rabari works, applique embroidery, patchwork, animal monogram, traditional mirror work, and tie & dye prints are alluring, the ultimate apparel is unique in its own aspect and it is hard to find two pairs that are an exact replica. This place has become the hub to encourage and promote traditional master artisans and craftsmen from across the state.

Ahmedabad’s Law Garden is the destination that introduces modern generations to the extraordinary heritage of traditional work from Gujarat. Known for its cheap prices and an infinite variety of clothes and accessories, the Law Garden market is one of the best markets for shopping in Ahmedabad. On a daily basis, the lanes of the Law Garden market are flooded by buyers, flocking the streets from all parts of Ahmedabad. The low priced clothing makes it an irresistible deal. The idiosyncrasy and price you get on these clothes have no equivalence in any other market.

Drop some ethnic glitter to your wardrobe.

The Law Garden is teeming the most during the Navratri season where the nine days are devoted to Goddess Amba. Tourists looking for ethnic habiliments can find KediyuChorno (traditional Gujarati kurta and dhoti) and the Phento (a long piece of cloth wrapped around the head in the form of traditional turban worn by locals) for men and Chaniya Choli, Chaniyo-Chunni, Ghagra-Choli, Bandhani sarees with mirror work and Kurtis for women. It is a paradise for the people who are interested in purchasing Kutch Embroidery Works. The unique detailed work over Chaniya Cholis and Ghagras is exemplary. Saree with Zari work and mirror work is very enticing and will decoy good attention. The Banni embroidered garments are another captivating traditional work that will make your jaw -drop. Despite being costly, they are beguiling and they are something worth spending for.

Spark your feet

Traditional footwear like juttis, with intricate embroidery, patchwork and sequin designs are available very easily. They are traditionally made up of leather, jute, and muslin and with patchwork embroidery, with gold and silver threads as inspired by Indian royalty over 400 years ago. Footwear’s sold here are closely related to Mojaris. Juttis are slip-on in style with covering over the toes with a round or M-shaped embroidered upper section, leaving the top of the foot bare.

Walk Right up to Good Food!

The Law Garden is also famous for its street food. Food enthusiasts and bloggers often visit the garden to try the taste of the authentic Gujarati snacks. The sounds, the vibes and the energy in the atmosphere of this place is just extraordinary. It should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. When you get weary of the bargaining and shopping, find a place in the lush green garden to relax a moment before you proceed with your plan for the day. Not just the visitors from outside, but also the college students and office workers enjoy the taste of stuff like dabelis, dosas and other fast foods. Of course, ice-cream parlous is there to relieve you from the heat. Law Garden Ahmedabad food is a great fusion of all the famous street foods of India – right from Punjabi to South Indian along with Gujarati snacks. Some creative minds also sell Desi versions of Chinese and Italian snacks. You might want to give it a try and share these memories with your friends and family or maybe even get inspired and create your own rendition of the fabulous.

Tip: Just like any other flea markets in Ahmedabad, the final price on any item would depend upon your bargaining skills. The more you bargain, the better deal you will receive. The stock replenishes every day, so the item you like today might not be available again some other day. There are no fitting rooms so you have to absolutely be sure of the size before purchasing and you get what is in the display, you can’t expect any stock to be available in multiple sizes or shades.

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